About Me

Hello my name is Ashton Jose, I’m a 19 year old entrepreneur and I believe that we should all perform regardless of how we feel and that it’s you vs you in this life and we are here to learn, grow, and think different.

I love to learn and think different. I believe that one of my purposes on this earth is to inspire others to become better versions of themselves by setting a good example to follow and how we should never give up and be resilient in times of adversity.

I refuse to believe in anything that can take power away from me. I protect my mind at all costs because it is one of my most valuable assets. 

✍️ Articles

My RYLA 2023 Experience at District 9465

Special Thanks I would like to give a special thanks to the Kwinana Rotary Club who were so kind as to sponsor me and give me the opportunity to participate in RYLA 2023. Day [...]


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