Special Thanks

I would like to give a special thanks to the Kwinana Rotary Club who were so kind as to sponsor me and give me the opportunity to participate in RYLA 2023.

Day 1 – The Beginning


What a great way to start RYLA 2023! I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and the sound of a river flowing. So many new friends, so many new experiences.

Today I learned that teamwork really does make the dream work as cliché as it may sound, working as part of a team can be advantageous.

Benefits of Working in a Team

1. Different Perspectives

Working in a team allows for different perspectives on certain topics, it helps to have a diverse set of ideas so the team can formulate one big fantastic idea.

2. A whole lot more fun

Being part of a team is something special and it is certainly fun to tackle challenges with a team rather than by yourself.

3. Memories

The laughs and memories you have with your fellow teammates are priceless and something you will cherish for eternity.

Day 2 – The Warrior’s Mentality


What is The Warrior’s Mentality?

A warrior mindset is the ability to face challenges head-on, with courage and determination. It’s about being resilient in the face of adversity and never giving up. People with a warrior mindset are fighters. They’re constantly moving forward and always striving to be better.

Going through life, you need to have The Warrior’s Mentality, especially when you’re going through heartache and facing the challenges life throws at you.

On Day 2 I was faced with an obstacle, my body wanted to give up before I’d even reached the tip of the iceberg. My brain was telling me it had enough and that I’d given it my best go. But being that guy, I soldiered through the pain I was in and I climbed, I climbed to the top baby! And I felt so accomplished, I felt victorious as soon as I reached the peak, I knew I had just overcome failure with the help of The Warrior’s Mentality I have instilled within myself from the day I was born…

Key Takeaway(s)

1. Utilise The Warrior’s Mentality

When exposed to uncomfortable situations you must utilise The Warriors Mentality.


Day 3 – A Newfound Passion


On Day 3 I found myself a newfound passion for Acting which I would like to improve with some Drama classes outside of RYLA.

Lessons Learned:

1. Never be afraid to give something new a try (unless it’s smoking/vaping)

Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. Try a new hairstyle, new food or travel somewhere you’ve never been before, spice things up and don’t be boring.

2. Acting x Story Telling

When you’re telling a story it helps envision the idea you’re trying to convey to the audience if you act it out whist telling the story because It’s easier for the audience to remember what they see rather than what they hear.


Day 4 – We’re All in This Together!